Our Products

Homestead Natural promises to bring only the freshest, organic products. Our farm dedicates to use healthy farming methods to cultivate our crops and plants, and raise our livestock.

Here are some of our best organic products:

Raw Products


We bring you organic cereals, sugars and starches, condiments, rice, fibers, wheat, corn and all your favorite crops. Our organic farming practices ensure that they get the nutrients from our very healthy soil.


Potatoes, carrots, bell pepper and the leafy vegetables – name them! We avoid using genetically-modified organisms and genetically engineered food to grow our vegetables. We ensure fresh quality.


Our fruits are also grown 100% organic. We do not use synthetic pesticides and other harmful chemicals to alter the natural growth of our fruit-bearing trees.


Our livestock meat is tastier and healthier. We make sure that we allow our pigs, chickens, cows and other animals to be in their natural habitat, feeding through the grass and organic products. We do not inject them with growth hormones and other chemicals.

Fish and Seafood

Organic fish and seafood products offer more Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients essential for your growth and development. We make sure that our fish grown from waters away from industrial pollutants.


We also trust in the ability of nature to prevent us from acquiring different kinds of illnesses and diseases. Through our organic products, we make sure that you have an adequate intake of needed nutrients.


Most cosmetic products use synthetic and inorganic ingredients that may harm your skin and immune system.